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Update 8/19/2021: I have signed the Philips recall service agreement. What this means is that they are starting the process of sending out machines to replace the Dreamstation machines. As I get the machines in I will call each customer and let them know their replacement machine is in. You will need to bring in your old machine including the humidifier, bag and charger so I can send it back. All customers will sign a waiver that states if you registered your machine yourself and get another replacement machine you will be responsible for the cost of one of those machines or turn in the newest unused machine. I you do not have those items, you may self pay for the new machine. At this time I do not have an ETA for the new machines. I appreciate your patients in this matter and will post more as I know more.

Update 07/29/2021: Per Respironics help line for the recall; there is no new information or ETA for Dreamstation 2 release and no ETA on the Dreamstation fixes,
Update 06/17/2021: Respironics has opened their webpage up. I now have access to process the recalls. At this time I am compiling a spreadsheet with serial numbers to submit to Respironics so I can have the process started. I am also in the process of emailing and mailing the recall information to our clients. If you would like your replacement parts sent directly to you please let me know or go to https://www.philipssrcupdate.expertinquiry.com/registration to see if your serial number has been affected and register your unit. If you have more than 1 PAP machine and would like replacement parts please contact me and I will add those serial numbers to the list. I will keep updating you as I know more. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. I will return your call within 2 business days as our call volume has drastically increased. Thank you for your understanding.
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