Registered Respiratory Therapist - RRT

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Open Position: Registered Respiratory Therapist - RRT

Job Type: Part-time
Seniority Level: Not Applicable

Pay: $ 20.00 - 24.00/hr
Pay Frequency: Bi weekly or Twice monthly

Job Description:

The Respiratory Equipment Specialist is responsible for the selection, delivery, set-up, demonstration, and continued maintenance of non-life support respiratory therapy equipment and related supplies. Duties also include providing patient/customer training in the safe and proper use of all delivered equipment and supplies.


The Respiratory Equipment Specialist reports directly to the Director, Clinical Respiratory Services.


1. Arranges for the timely delivery and set-up of requested items of home
respiratory therapy equipment and related supplies. Such equipment would
include the following:

A. Home oxygen delivery systems;
B. Hand-held nebulizers;
B. Nasal CPAP systems, and
C. Aspirators.

2. Assures that all respiratory equipment and supplies selected for delivery
and set-up are clean and in optimum working condition.

3. Provides patients with verbal and written instructions on the safe
and proper use of all delivered respiratory equipment, including when and
where necessary, information on infection control.

4. Provides a demonstration of the correct use of delivered respiratory
equipment to facilitate self-application by the patient/customer.

5. As appropriate, apprises patients of potentially unsafe or harmful
situations in the home environment related to the use of delivered
respiratory equipment, especially fire safety with oxygen delivery systems.

6. Prepares and maintains a chart for each patient/customer to who items of home respiratory equipment are provided. Ensures that charts contain all pertinent information and documentation.

6. Schedules and conducts periodic follow-up visits to ensure selected equipment continues to operate according to manufacturer specifications.

7. Participates in the organization-wide performance improvement program.

8. Maintains the skills, abilities, and expertise required to effectively direct the delivery of high quality clinical respiratory home care services.


1. Demonstrate good verbal and written communication skills.
2. Be capable of independent and mature judgment.
3. Possess good organizational skills, inclusive of time management.
4. Be capable of safely lifting up to 75 pounds.
6. Exhibit good personal hygiene and grooming.


1. An associate degree preferred.
2. Be a graduate of an AMA-approved respiratory care-training program.
3. Possess an active credential from the National Board for Respiratory Care (i.e. RRT, CRTT).
4. Possess an active license to practice respiratory care as required by state or local law.

Skill Keywords:
Leadership, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Daily Operations, Decision-Making, Training, Other

EOE/Drug Free Environment