Office Manager

Today's DME, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer All qualified applicants are considered regardless of race, religion, color, age, sex, gender identity, marital status, nationality, veteran status, genetic information or non-disqualifying disability.

Open Position: Office Manager

Job Type: Part-time
Seniority Level: Not Applicable

Pay: $ 11.25 - 15.00/hr
Pay Frequency: Bi weekly or Twice monthly

Job Description:

The Office Manager, in collaboration with the Director of Operations, is responsible for ensuring the optimum delivery of patient/customer services.


The Office Manager reports directly to the Director of Operations.


1. Organizes and supervises all of TODAYS DME, INC.'s key functions, services and programs used to provide patient/customer services.

2. Employs qualified staff and ensures continued competency through continuing education and performance evaluation.

3. Provides for initial orientation of all new employees.

4. Maintains TODAYS DME, INC.'s policy, procedure and personnel manuals.

5. Ensures through personnel supervision that all policies, procedures and protocols are followed.

6. Establishes and monitors an accounts receivable system for all billing and collections, including bad debt recovery.

7. Coordinates accounts payable and payroll activities.

8. Develops an annual operating budget and monitors general and administrative expenditures on a monthly basis.

9. Generates and evaluates relevant data journals and reports to maximize profitability and excellence in patient/customer services.

10. Prepares and submits to the Director of Operations monthly management reports on key operational elements.

11. Monitors Medicare and other third-party reimbursement trends for the home medical equipment and respiratory therapy industry and develops appropriate revisions to the system when so warranted.

12. Participates in the organization-wide performance improvement program as appropriate.

13. Maintains on-going liaison between the Director of Operations and staff through appropriate meetings, taking required action on recommendations and maintaining open lines of communication.


1. Demonstrate good verbal and written communication skills.
2. Be capable of sound and mature judgment.
3. Possess good organizational skills.
4. Be computer literate and comfortable with the use of it.
5. Exhibit professional appearance and good personal hygiene.


1. High school diploma required with some college work preferred.
2. Possess a minimum of three-(3) years experience in a business office setting with such experience in a medical setting preferred.
3. Demonstrate an ability to supervise and develop the skills and performance of employees.

Skill Keywords:
Leadership, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Daily Operations, Decision-Making, Training, Other

EOE/Drug Free Environment