FAQ - How often should I clean my CPAP Supplies?

How often should I clean my CPAP Supplies?

The best answer is to read your instruction manuals you received with your equipment and follow the guidelines. However, that being said a good rule of thumb is the following.

Daily Cleaning:
Get in the habit of wiping down your mask (including areas that come in contact with your skin) using a damp towel with mild detergent and warm water. This will remove any oils, dead skin cells and sweat on the mask that can affect the quality of the seal. Gently rinse with a clean towel and let the mask air-dry. You can also use pre-moistened towels designed specifically for cleaning CPAP masks, which are available at many sleep centers or on line at our website.

Weekly Cleaning: At the very least, all your equipment should be washed weekly in with a few drops of ammonia-free, mild dish detergent and water, rinsed well and left to air dry if possible. Please ensure your equipment is dry by bedtime. Disposable filters should be changed every 2 weeks. The Non-disposable filter should be washed every 2 - 3 days, but no less than weekly.

Every other week you should disinfect the humidifier. Do that by soaking it in a solution of one part vinegar to five parts water for 30 minutes, thoroughly rinsing and then placing in your dishwasher’s top rack for washing. And keep it clean by using only distilled water to prevent mineral deposits that can build up and cause damage to your machine.

Cleaning your Unit: * UNPLUG DEVICE FIRST AND DO NOT SUBMERGE UNIT IN WATER EVER. Your CPAP Machine itself should also be wipe down with a damp cloth. The towel shouldn’t be too damp or wet, as water could get into the machine.
These guidelines are supported by Phillips Respironics https://www.usa.philips.com/c-e/hs/better-sleep-breathing-blog/better-sleep/keeping-it-clean-cpap.html

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